What’s happening on this side of the world :)

Last 9 or 10 months have been difficult for me, from many reasons. I have had to deal with a loss in my family followed by the loss of my job and many other good stuff and bad stuff in between. I had plenty of time to write, but did not feel motivated. In the... Continue Reading →


Day trips around Cambridge

We have been very lucky with the weather this year, less rain and more sunny spells and this only motivated me and my husband to take some day trips (in weekend only) to somewhere not too far from our home but to places which we will both enjoy. In one of my latest posts, I... Continue Reading →

Traditions and superstitions, part of our student life

It's late June and a large number of high school students or university students are taking graduation exams. Most of those students will be aware of some sort of tradition or superstition to follow and respect if they want to graduate. It was only after my graduation when I have found out about a no... Continue Reading →


An Abbey and a house with something in common

  April and May have been hectic months. Preparation and travels for Easter holidays, then more travels in May and I want to talk only about one of these experiences I have had. England is rich in mansions, estate houses and abbeys open to the public and because we had to decide on the last... Continue Reading →


Land of superlatives.

Some time ago I was talking with my husband to go on our honeymoon to a place where not so many people will actually go. It was later, much later when we discovered that there are a lot of couples spending their honeymoon in Iceland. For the past few months we were planning a trip... Continue Reading →


House with history…Knebworth House

When I travel to London, one of the stops is Knebworth. Not a place where you would want to get out of the train and start exploring....well, not until you see the big banner inviting visitors to a¬†historic house. I did not know much about it before, but the picture of it stuck in my... Continue Reading →


The city where taking a horse drawn carriage is classy and right

  As many of my readers already know, last month I have made a quite an important step - yes, I have got married ūüôā ¬†A post about it will follow because it was too fun and awesome not to talk about hehe A decision was taken to travel to Vienna and I had to... Continue Reading →


4 days in Wales

Wales... only when I think about it makes me close my eyes and dream about a¬†beautiful land with great people, delicious food and superb sunsets. I wanted to visit this country for some time, but for various reasons could not find the right time to go there, so finally last August¬†I have spent there¬†4 days... Continue Reading →


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