Silvester 2012 – 2013 in Berlin.

IMG_7592New Year’s Eve was very close and me and my friends were thinking where to go. Someone said that in Berling will be held one of the biggest New Year’s parties in Europe, so we headed there. Even though we went there during our winter holidays, the city wasn’t very crowded and the street lights and decorations were very fairytale like. The smell of the braadworst, gluhwein, apple pies and the Xmas Market made this whole experience brighter.

At the Checkpoint Charlie point or nearby the Brandenburg Gates  (Brandenburger Tor) you can have 6 stamps (if I remember well) for 6 euro directly in your passport – if you’re brave enough to stap your passport with nonexisting visas 🙂 You can visit the Bundestag, but for this you must book your visit way ahead, say minimum 1 week before your visit to Berlin. Besides the entrance is free of charge, so make sure you don’t miss it 😉

On Alexanderplatz we discovered the Christmas Market. It was very well organized and full of everything a visitor will want to buy, eat or have a great time. When you’re here take some pictures of the World Time Clock – a continually rotating installation that shows the time around the globe and of the Hermann Henselmann’s Haus des Lehrers.

Berlin Cathedral and the Pergamon museum are other two important landmarks in Berlin. Popular among tourists, therefore expect looong waiting lines. Other places that we visited are: the Holocaust Memorial; for those appasionate about cars I will say that the Classic Remise Berlin is a must. At Gendarmenmarkt, 10117 street you will find the Konzerthaus, we didn’t have had the chace to go to a performance there but in front of it, during winter holidays, is held a Xmas Market, besides there are few cathedrals that you may want to visit.

If you have time and you want to avid long queues, then walk along Friederichstrasse, or enjoy your coffee in Pariser Platz and for a panorama view (free entrance) go to the Television Tower. If the sky is clear, then you’re most likely to experience an amazing sunset and a great view over Berlin.

Almost forgot to mention, about the Berlin Wall!!! To go there you’ll need to take a train.

For the most of the city we almost always walked around the city, to discover new streets or monuments. Our plan was to have no plan at all 😀 Therefore we enjoyed the time there without feeling the time pressure. Besides many many important landmarks, Berling is a perfect destination for shopping. If you want to buy something for you or your family and friends, this is one of the places to do it (I loved to go shopping in Milan, but Berlin is good as well (:  )

Because we decided quite late where to go, most of the accommodation that matched our budget were booked, we decided to rent a flat for 4 ppl (our party 😀 ). The flat was very cute and the owners are very nice. If you travel with your car, then you have a parking lot (public), therefore free and the area is very safe. The metro line is at about 10 min walk and around there are few supermarkets. More details about this apartment you can find here. More information about Berlin, events and more you can find here.

Travel safe and wise!


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