Travel wise. On budget but with your stomach happy

1173885_10201859901928653_1080561959_nHave you ever asked yourself how to travel more with less money, or at least with a budget that few people would dare to leave their country?
With this post I want to help you to make your journey an experience to be told and shared!

Ok, so let’s start with the beginning! I have covered the subject with the low cost carriers (flights) in Europe and Asia (coming soon), and also I gave you some tips on traveling on budget in Japan (coming soon). Now, I want to cover another aspect of any tourist/traveler budget and this is: FOOD!

How to eat not to starve, but also not to spend a fortune?

I don’t know what you do when you travel, or how much you want to spend on food, but here are my tips on this:

1. Never eat in the city center or in the proximity of a very popular touristic places! Restaurants, cafes and even grocery stores are pricier here than in the rest of the city! And the quality of the food and sometimes service is not the one you would expect to be, simply because the owner of that business cares less about returning clients.

2. Always check the menu. Sometimes, in the bottom of the page is written in small letters all the additional commission or fees that you’ll have to pay in addition to the price of your food and drinks, so pay attention!

3. When choosing the restaurant/ cafe ask the waiter how big are the portions, sometimes they are so big that can be easily shared with another person. Don’t be shy, at the very end is all about your money 😉

4. If you rent an apartment or stay in a hostel (usually with kitchen and fridge), then buy your breakfast and lunch at one of the big stores! and not small stores around the corner. Even though you buy few things they are almost always more expensive! (if these stores are at the walking distance, then you don’t have to incur any transportation costs!)

5. Asian and Turkish restaurants are cheaper than Italian, French, etc, therefore you might want to have dinner at one of those restaurants instead of McDonalds or KFC.

6. If you can cook and have all you need (pantry), then go for it! You eat what you cook and this is the safest way, in any case.

7. Ask your host or hotel staff about their preferences in matter of restaurants under x euro (dollars, etc). They will recommend something good, and that’s for sure!

8. Keep an agenda of all your expenses and see where you can improve.

9. Give tips only if the waiter/waitress was good at serving you 😉

I hope these tips will help you in planning your future trips. Don’t forget to leave comments, questions or suggestions to this or any other post / blog!

Travel safe and wise!


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