Explore Asia by bus, train or plane at a budget that will make your wallet happy! :)

Flying to Asia for the 4th time in the last 4 years :)After covering the subject of traveling on a low budget in Europe, I came back with new tips and links for those who want to explore Asia.
From all of the airline companies that are operating flights within Asia and intercontinental flights, I have chosen the ones that I considered the best! If you need a specific destination and none of the airline companies that I wrote about aren’t covering your destination, please ask me and I will look for you 😉

Air Asia : Offers cheap tickets to almost every major city in South East Asia
Air Busan : Is flying within South Korea and from Busan to Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China
Jetstar : Offers cheap flight tickets to Australia, Cambodia, Japan, USA, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, New Zealand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Fiji, China
Tiger Airway : It’s based in Singapore and offers flights to China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia and more. For more information about their flight destinations, please clickhere.
Lion Air :Connects many destinations within Indonesia. It’s the FASTEST growing airline company in the Asia. Sometimes, when flying with this airline, expect to have some delays. International destinations (outside Indonesia)are : Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia.
Firefly : Offers flights to Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand. For more information about their flight destinations, prices and schedules, please click here.
Jeju Air : This airline company links the South Korean island – Jeju with the mainland (Busan and Seoul). Also, it operates on few international destinations : Japan and Hong Kong.
Citilink : This company offers flights within Indonesia only.

For short distance travels you must consider taking buses, trains or boats (where possible). Sometimes a trip on a boat even though it will take you longer, can save you some good money and will add one more story to the whole travel experience you live in Asia.

This being said, I will just remind you about the Rail Pass that you can buy being abroad and not in your country of destination. This Rail pass is perfect for those who want to explore a country and will be always on the go. Therefore, if you’re heading to Japan or South Korea, you may consider this option as one real possibility to save you money. Here are the links for the Rail pass for Japan and South Korea.

If you forgot or have no time to buy this pass, then consider traveling by bus or to rent a car (this only if you own an international driving license and if you’re traveling in 3-4 ppl!).I will talk about this in a new post but I want to underline here, that exploring Jeju-do (South Korea) will be a nightmare if you don’t have your own mean of transportation, be it a car, motorcycle or bike 🙂

China has no rail pass, so far…but trains are runnig faster nowadays and the price of a ticket sometimes is higher than a flight ticket, therefore, double check the price and make the best choice for you 😉

In Indonesia traveling by bus IS NOT an option! Trains are not very safe, but if you’re traveling in the executive or business class than you’ll have airco and a blanket 🙂 The car is clean and people are respectful. Just pay attention to the terms and condition of your ticket and don’t miss the deadlines written on it.

This information will be uploaded gradually, therefore, please come back and check for updates!

Travel safe and wise!


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