Jeju – do, perfect not only for honeymooners :P

ImageYes, yes! I said it and I mean it 🙂 Jeju is an island perfect for those who want to go that extra mile and visit this amazing piece of land…or perfect for those who are into Korean Dramas 😀 It has all: volcanoes, waterfalls, national parks, some unusual theme parks, like the one dedicated to sex, places that were shown in various Korean shows and dramas, the tea plantation the other small islands around Jeju, nice and friendly people, good and fresh foods. Ah, yes! You can go on a submarine tour. I would recommend this tour to families with children 😉

I was astonished of how many orange trees are on this island! I could not have enough of oranges hehehe

Delicious Jeju oranges
Delicious Jeju oranges

Is it cheap to fly to Jeju?

After googling and looking for the right fare to pay for a flight ticket from Seoul, we had found some low prices from air Busan and Eastar jet. If you get your tickets 1 month, 1.5 months ahead,  rest assured that you’ll have a pretty good price for your flight tickets 🙂

Another way is to take a cruise trip to Jeju. This trip takes about 12 hours (from Incheon) and you can start your trip from any of the following ports: Incheon, Mokpo, Busan, Jang Heoung (the shortest trip, it takes only 1.5 hours with the high speed boat!). The web pages of the cruise companies are in Korean only! If you want to travel by sea, then ask someone’s help in booking a ticket for you. Here are 2 of the companies that operate cruise trips to Jeju from Incheon and Mokpo. For more links, check Doona Guesthouse web page.

Relax time at a tea plantation
Relax time at a tea plantation

What and where to eat?

When in Jeju ask your host for the best sports to eat. Take the chance and try local foods: we have tried Jeju pork  (BBQ) which is super yumi and I highly recommend it. It is served with a lot of veggies and kimchi 🙂

Also, mention to your host that you’re not into fancy or expensive dinners, so that they’ll point you the right places to go….also a tip that is valid for all Asia: look for queues and people dinning at the chosen place, if it’s empty it’s a bad sign and better look for something else. In other words, follow the locals 😉

How to travel around Jeju?

THE BEST WAY to travel in Jeju is by car : it’s faster, you have the flexibility to stop whenever and wherever you want, it’s safer than traveling on the bike or scooter.

On the way to the Yellow submarine
On the way to the Yellow submarine

Where should you drop your backpacks? 

Now it depends on your expectations and travel style. We went to Doona Guesthouse in Seogwipo and it was a great choice! For people who want to meet new fellow travelers and make new friends, THIS IS THE PLACE! Yang was friendly and very helpful! If you love to dive, then you can ask Yang to organize this thing for you. He is an instructor, therefore you’ll be provided with all the equipment you need 😉

Special treat - Peanut ice cream
Special treat – Peanut ice cream

My top 10 reasons to go back to Jeju:

  1. Food
  2. National parks
  3. Hiking
  4. Sunrise on Hallasan
  5. Landscape
  6. View over the ocean + sunsets and sunrises
  7. Diving 🙂
  8. Explore new places
  9. Take better pictures 😀
  10. Make new friends

How long you should stay on this island to see most of it? Difficult question! I would say that 2 weeks should be enough, but then again, it depends on your priorities, time and the weather conditions. We have spent there 5 days and weren’t enough to cover all the places we wanted to see!

I would love to read about your experience in Jeju and change the tips ( for my next journey on this island).

One last remark: if you chose to rent a car online take some time and check the prices on both Korean and English version! It may sound funny, but we have found these to be different.

Travel safe and wise!


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