New Year in a quiet and cozy place, away from crowds :)

Xmas street lights in BolzanoI have spent the previous New Year’s Eve in crowds partying, but I’ve decided that 2012 should be celebrated in a different way…in a more cozy and comfy way. We decided that Bolzano (Italy) is the perfect place to go and that’s when we started to look for a place that will match our expectations 🙂

We stopped at Magdalenerhof. The view from our balcony was AMAZING! The restaurant was popular among locals and guests and you had to book your table days in advance, in order to make sure you’ll have one for you. The food and the service was great and the waiting time wasn’t too long, if you consider that was the New Year’s Eve night.

Why you should go to Bolzano?

First of all this city is a nice place for walks, breathe fresh air, have great food and wine in a stunning surroundings. The city of Bolzano isn’t that big, if you think about the number of its inhabitants, it counts somewhere around 105.000 people. Being at the border with Austria it was natural that two cultures and languages will mix and give to this place a unique touch. When walking on the streets, in a restaurant, station or hotel you’ll hear people talking German, Italian and maybe Ladin. Since the ancient times this city was an important crossroad between northern countries and the South. Maybe this is why Bolzano was called “city of a thousand dialects”. Germans call it Bozen or Bulsan in Ladin language, therefore don’t get confused by the different names.

Second, the rich past of the city left it’s prints over the image of the present Bolzano. You can find them in the architecture: the Mediaeval centre, the Jugendstil or the neo-classicism dated back to Mussolini’s period. These facades and modern buildings, shops, cafes, restaurants together with the green alleys will make you feel the peace and you’ll want to stop the time and enjoy this beautiful place as long as possible.

And the third thing about Bolzano is that the city is very close to Innsbruck 🙂 If you go there on winter time, then you have the option to go skiing or/and snowboarding in Austria and have dinners in Italy 🙂 If you’re in Italy and want to go to Bolzano, please check train schedule and prices on Train Italia web page. For the train that connects Bolzano with Innsbruck you can check it at the train station or go online to this web page.

For the adventurers and explorers that want to experience more than a walk or the comfiness of their hotel room, I would suggest to explore the surroundings by cable cars or go biking. Around Bolzano are many castles, therefore don’t miss the chance to visit some of them. We are planning to go back there for a longer period of time and then explore this part of the region, that we missed on our previous trip to there.

For more information about Bolzano and its surroundings, please visit the page City of Bolzano and Bolzano’s official web page.


Don’t forget to check out the local markets for local foods at bargaining prices and now that Xmas is very close a visit to the Christmas Market is a must 🙂


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