One day in the middle of the desert! Dubai is a city that will make you dream big!


Time to travel and time to discover new destinations. We were traveling with Emirates and as many of you know, if you travel with Emirates, then you’ll have to connect in Dubai with your next flight. Because we missed the chance to go out and see Doha (few hours only), we decided to choose a flight with 18 hours stopover in Dubai. I have to say that one day wasn’t enough and we’re planning a coming back sometime in the future πŸ™‚ In order to make the most of our time, we decided to hire a guide and go touring.
The web page that I will recommend to book your tours is Isango.Β It is an Indian owned touristic agency with the best prices in the city πŸ˜‰ The service was great and the guide was more than friendly. You can give them tips, if you like their service πŸ˜‰ What I loved about this company was the fact that we left all our belongings, in the car and at a point in time in a bus and drivers will take care of them, so far, none of our things got stolen!

So, just to continue my story about Dubai. We have stopped at the Premier Inn Dubai, near the International Airport. They have a free pick up service from the airport – just look at the number 1 or 2 in the parking reserved for buses. Another thing to be kept in mind, is that, the bus Β won’t come always in time and when you may think that it has 2 minutes to arrive the chances are that you have missed the bus and have to wait for another 30 minutes.

Because we had a long day before our departure, we decided to save time and take our breakfast at the hotel. The food was delicious and at a high standards. Usually the hotel restaurants aren’t that great, but the breakfast here made it to the top and worth the money spent.

What I loved about Dubai?

You can visit the tallest building in the world – Burj Kalifa – and to do that at a lower price, book your ticket online! It will cost you half of the price you’ll be asked to pay on the place. Also, you should reserve more time for this place, just because the waiting line is quite long and sometimes it can take up to one hour to get inside!!!

Jumeirah Mosque.Β 
The mosque looks amazing, even from outside. Unfortunately, when we were in Dubai the mosque was closed for visitors. It is open only on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays. Be prepared to wake up early and be in front of it before 9:30AM, otherwise you’ll miss the chance to visit it!

Dubai Museum
A nice place to visit when in Dubai. Along with the flow of the history and development of this unique city, you start to understand how it was built and from where it started. A rich collection of art objects, weapons and more are displayed to the public. At one point, you’ll see a movie, it’s a fast forward city development on time – from the beginning to the present day, and that movie will make you realize that nothing is impossible, indeed! It’s only up to you and your community to change the things around. πŸ™‚

There’s no big city without its perfect for shopping places. Dubai has plenty of them, and one of which is the Dubai Mall. This is aΒ great place to relax and have a nice time shopping or maybe having lunch or watching a movie. The design and the decorations are fantastic, not mentioning about the aquarium, which is a brilliant idea and another point of interest and tourist attraction πŸ™‚

Another place where you can do some shopping isΒ the Dubai’s golden market. This is theΒ right place for those who know, love and want to bargain. The golden jewelries come in various forms and sizes…..and budgets πŸ™‚ So, if you want to have a big deal, do your homework before heading to there, do visit jewelries stores in your country, know the prices and then you might have an idea of what is a good price πŸ™‚

How to get arround?

It is very simple, actually! One option is that you hire a guide and go touring πŸ˜€ or even simpler : travel with the subway. I don’t know if the subway is the right word here, because in Dubai the metro πŸ˜€ has plenty of stops above the ground πŸ™‚ And is the same as in South Korea, they have no driver, therefore, choose the last car/vagon and admire the view over Dubai at a very fast speed πŸ˜‰

Oh, the last three things about Dubai are:

  • go there for at least 2 nights: one for safari and one for night exploration. This city is safe!
  • being a muslim country, girls should dress accordingly! I’m not saying that you should cover your body as the muslim women do, but it will be wise NOT to put on something transparent / see through clothes, with a deep cleavage, super short skirts and shorts. Show that you respect the culture and the country you’re visiting and most likely you’ll see that locals will appreciate it! For Dubai I chose to put on a long dress, sandals and a thin cardigan on top (to cover my arms) and someone in the subway offered me his seat…usually in Dubai women won’t have a such a privilege!!!Β Men also should keep an eye on their appearance / outfit, a more conservative, yet comfy clothes will make you look respectful towards the locals and their culture.
  • DO NOT kiss in public!!! This is TABOO in Dubai, there were cases when couples were arrested and barred because of this! You don’t want to ruin your holiday, right? πŸ™‚

There are more things to be told about Dubai, but I want to leave something for you to discover πŸ˜‰ And to do that, I will recommend you two pages full of information πŸ˜‰

  1. Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing
  2. The Official Tourism portal of Dubai

I hope you enjoyed reading this new post πŸ˜‰

Travel safe and wise!


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