One small, rich and exciting country to live in. They speak German, French and English…

IMG_4213When looking at the European continent and analyzing all the travel options you have, then you might split them into: countries that you “must” see, places that you “may be” interested and countries that you, perhaps, never “heard about” or you’re not “very familiar with”. One of the countries that, personally, I was interested and finally got the chance to visit it is Luxembourg.

Before saying that OMG, that is one of the most expensive destination in Europe take 2 minutes and read this post till the end, you may be surprised 😉

How to get there?

You can reach Luxembourg by taking a plane (the most expensive way 😀 ), by train or by car. I have no idea if there are buses running between Belgium, France or Germany to Luxembourg Ville, I searched but I couldn’t find something about this 😦

Exploring the city and surroundings

We had only 2 days for this and the weather wasn’t very friendly, let’s say. It was a mix of everything – rainy and sunny moments. Was pretty cold and windy…not a perfect weather for long walks, I have to say. That’s why I’d say that you should consider visiting this small European country sometime during late spring – early autumn! I live not that far, only 4 hours drive from Luxembourg and for sure we’ll go there around that time of the year as well 🙂

Now, if you drive into the city, but you’re not into driving all over the place and you’re better off taking public transportation or even renting a bike, you can do so. I’m sure this page will help you plan your exploration journey, so that you’ll make the most of your time 🙂

Where to sleep?

Are you a real traveler or you’re more a tourist that want to have a very comfy and expensive hotel to sleep in? I absolutely don’t care about the number of the stars a hotel have, as long as it’s clean and I have a pillow under my head and an empty bed to rest my bones 😀

The hotel of our choice was Ibis Budget mostly because we were limited in options…that weekend in Luxembourg was held an International Dog Fair and apparently a lot of people from all over Europe drove to Luxembourg to show their pets 🙂 We’ve got a nice room for 3 people and with an amazing view over the plains and hills of Luxembourg. If you don’t want to stop in a hostel, then this is a very good option to be considered! Besides, the service is nice, the hotel is clean and the room is just enough for what was meant 😉

At the reception we were asked if we came to see the dog show. Of course we had no idea about this and because all three of us love dogs, we decided to crop some time for this show. What a good way to start our journey in this country…better than a welcome drink! hehe

As I have said above, the weather was unstable and that’s why we decided not to postpone our visit to the city for too long and get ready in the shortest time possible.

With no map, only with our intuition and with my boyfriend that has been there about 2 years ago, we headed to Luxembourg- Ville.

I have to mention that this hotel (Ibis Hotel Sud) is a bit outside Luxembourg, this is why we had to drive about 5 minutes to the city. Not far and perfect to avoid the horrible traffic lines that were at that hour.  Also, because it seems that September is a high season in Luxembourg and most of the hotels (for our budget) were booked!

One short note here: if you’re traveling from France to Luxembourg, avoid driving to Luxembourg from 4pm to 7pm! There are looong traffic lines….it’s not that you’d love decrease your highway cruising speed from 120km/h to 10km/h 🙂

Where to go, what to see, what to eat….? or What makes Luxembourg a touristic destination? 

The first notes about Luxembourg are dated back in 963 and from that moment on, this city played a great role in the European history. The city has plenty of museums, bridges, churches, squares and interesting (from architectural point of view) buildings. These are the real proof of the importance and the evolution of Luxembourg, which make an attraction for tourists from all over the world.
The country is known, also, under the name of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and is the only Duchy in the world.
The OLD TOWN of Luxembourg Ville is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, therefore you have plenty of streets to walk, buildings, fortifications to see and pictures to take 😉

We spent that half of the day for walks, a bit of shopping (we were totally unprepared for the cold, windy and sometimes rainy weather), visited some of the churches that were open, an art gallery and had dinner at one of the restaurants on Place d’Armes (square).

I have to say that the city feels safe, here you won’t see crowds, no people rushing and this makes you feel more relaxed and enjoy even more all the things this city has to offer.

If you want to eat somewhere outside, I will recommend to go and check the restaurants on Place d’Armes. The chance that you’ll find something for your budget is quite high.

For those who want to do some shopping (souvenirs, clothes or other items), I would suggest to do it during the week and not leave it for Sunday, because on Sunday all the shops are closed!

If you have a car, then you can leave it at one of the parking lots. They are open 24h and 7/7.
If you don’t have a car, then you’d better try to find an accommodation that is in the city center or a hotel with a bus stop nearby.
We did not had any bus rides, but they look comfy and not crowded! Therefore, if walking is not an option for you, you may consider taking the bus, the tourist fun train or the hop on-hop off bus. If none of these options are not what are you looking for, then maybe renting a bike can save the day 😉 Just ask at the Tourist Information Office where is this possible, ask at your hotel/hostel, maybe they have such a service as well or simply check this page for more information.

For those who are interested in dogs and are considering to participate or visit the next dog contests in Luxembourg, please click here. I don’t know what are the fees for participants or visitors with dogs, but the price for all the people who want just to go and see some of the most beautiful dogs in Europe, the entrance fee is 7.5 euro / 2 days ticket and 5 euro for 1 day ticket.

For more information about the city, places to see, hotels and restaurants, you can access these pages:

Travel safe and wise!


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