One of the most ROMANTIC cities and capitals of Europe!

IMG_4681Szia (see-ah) Budapest! or Hello Budapest!

I have been to Budapest before, in the winter of 2008, but at that time I didn’t had a chance to visit the city and that’s why I wanted to come back and explore it. I was very happy to be there, I had more time and I’ve got my camera ready.

Because for this trip we had reserved only 3 days, we were traveling light….with only a backpack 🙂 I have read many things on internet about Budapest, some recommendations on what to see or where to eat, but because I like to find something that was untold I decided that in the first 2 days will be dedicated to the major sights and the rest of the time will be for slow walks and just enjoy the rest of our time. We haven’t been to any of the baths, but I’ve heard that they are very good and a must try! Is on our list for the next time in Budapest 🙂

I have said in the title that Budapest is one of the most romantic cities in Europe and maybe you’ll have a doubt about this.

People are used to think consider romantic cities Paris, Venice, Barcelona, Rome, Florence, Wien, Prague  but Budapest?!

Well, maybe not all of you will find it this way, but some of you will think that I’m right 🙂

Imagine for a second that you are walking towards the Buda Castle and Matthias Church (on Buda Hill), the streets are narrow and paved with stones, the houses are painted in light colors and in some balconies you can see red geraniums. Most likely, you’ll see couples everywhere walking here, taking pictures and having a great time. Bridges (the Chain Bridge, Margaret Bridge, Elizabeth Bridge or Liberty Bridge) are beautiful during the day, but are totally different to see them in the night! Danube’s bank is the perfect place for long walks. Here you can find many sculptures that visitors will try to take pictures of (try to find the Shoes on the Danube promenade, the girl with a dog or the fool).

If by the end of the day you don’t think that Budapest is romantic, then after your dinner go out again and walk to the river banks. This time you’ll face the unexpected beautiful side of this city, because once the sun is set the real mystery and the real beauty of this city seems to come to live.

If you ask me what I loved the most about this city, I’ll say simply : EVERYTHING! I explain, first of all, nothing makes a place amazing than the people who live there and then all the rest. In Budapest we met nice people that helped us with directions (even if we did not ask for help!). I have to say that this happened to me only in Japan.

The open mindedness makes you feel safe and welcomed. Most of Hungarian people (by now, I came across many of Hungarians)  won’t discriminate or prefer someone from a specific country over another, for them this thing doesn’t really matter, everyone is welcomed.

On the second place: food and sightseeing! Can you walk on your empty stomach? What about some very nice beet soup or goulash or maybe some roasted pork with pickles? Sounds yummy, right?  😀

If you’re not into expensive restaurants or brand shopping then you should explore more those little streets around the main touristic avenues and for sure you’ll find some local bistros, where the food is sold by weight, people are standing while eating their food, but this doesn’t seem to stop hungry locals or visitors to go there. These places are almost always crowded and the food is cheap and absolutely delicious!  I think that in these places one can taste the real Hungarian food 😉 The nice thing about these places is that you eat among locals, maybe change a word or two…or even better, get a tip that not so many tourists will know 😉

For those who have a day reserved for this city, the best option will be to buy a tour (hop on-hop off buses).  Also, if you decided to do so, then you should check the prices of 2 or 3 more companies because the offer and prices might differ from one another!
When we went there, they had this offer of paying for one day and the second was free. The good thing is that you can get off the bus at any stop and get on as many times as you want during that day. In all this happiness and enthusiasm, don’t forget to ask a printed schedule or at least ask when is the last bus, otherwise you risk to be left far from the city center 🙂
The boat trip was a very nice experience! The only unpleasant moment is that my pictures are a bit out of focus but at the end my experience matters the most. Other than that, a night time cruise on Danube is an experience that will make you fall in love in this city and that’s for sure!

For more information about Budapest, events, places to see and restaurants to eat you can go on the following pages:

If I have to look back then I would say that Budapest – definitely a must go. I can define it as a romantic and very welcoming city. Not many people speak English, but even so they are keen to give you a hand. Smiling faces everywhere you look!!! We went to 2 tours and 1 cruise trips, tried local foods from fine dining (at Kárpátia) to simple foods (such as Roosevelt – Roosevelt ter 7-8, Budapest). All were amazingly tasty ..aaaand sometime spicy 😀

One more curiosity about Budapest : the Funicular Railway in Budapest (was built in the 19th century) on the side of the Buda Castle Hill. It connects the Chain Bridge with the Castle Hill, right next the Royal Palace and the Hungarian (Alexander) Presidential Palace in the Buda Castle District.

You can take a ride (a short one) with this “cable car” everyday (from 7:30 – 22:00).  Please note that the cable car is closed every second Monday on uneven weeks of the year for maintenance.

If you hold a Tourist Card (Budapest Card) you won’t be able to use it, as this card is not valid for the Funicular. The price for one ride is approximately 3.5 euro pp/ return 6 euro pp (adults) and 2,5 euro respectively 5 euro (per kid, older than 3 years).

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Of course I haven’t mentioned all the things to bee seen in Budapest, because I think that it’s better for you to discover them 😉 You can see what I have visited during my stay and leave me a comment or like 😉

Travel safe and wise!


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