Autostop in Saint-Tropez!

IMG_0371That was an experience, indeed!!!!
But let’s unfold the story from the beginning 🙂

We, 4 girls from MoldovaArgentinaRussia and Poland and a guy from Chile, were on road for another exciting holiday! We drove a rented car to St-Tropez to get some feeling of the exclusiveness that Cote d’Azures has to offer. After approximately 1.5hours drive (from Nice) we were on the beach enjoying the white sand and the absolutely fantastic clean blue water!
Nor me, neither two of my other friends intended to stay there for the whole day, and because our interests at that point changed, we were left without car but with the wish and willingness to go see the city.  The shore was at about 3km away from St- Tropez, the city.

And then my friend from Argentina, Connie, that has some experience with auto stop, is suggesting a nice idea…to try to stop a car and get to the city this way, shortly said – auto stop! We were 3 girls and most of the cars we saw parked around that area were small and that was a challenge as well 🙂
And here we are, three girls after sun bathing, not very fashioned dressed and with some sand on our sandals are on the road trying to stop a car that will have enough space for the 3 of us, plus the driver. I have to say that Saint-Tropez is like Monaco, only expensive cars and rich people stay there..we were guessing that nobody will stop, or if they will then they’ll just do it out of curiosity haha
After, about, 30 minutes we finally got someone’s attention and a white Range Rover stopped and took us to the city center. The driver was a man from Johannesburg and the chat among us was quite interesting.

After the short ride, we arrived in the downtown of St-Tropez. At the beginning we were not very sure what is next, but after a minute or so we decided to walk around, to look for some nice place to eat. The walks weren’t very long as the city isn’t that big, well, at least from what we saw. While walking and talking on this important subject (food!), our friends joined us, so that we went directly to a restaurant to have a nice late lunch.

If in other posts I would recommend to stay away from downtown when you want to eat, here it would be hard to find a cheaper place, simply because is crowded of foreign tourists who don’t mind spending a bit more for food, clothes and hotels, therefore, my only advice for you will be to check the menu before sitting at the table and look for more variety or maybe a better offer….who knows maybe from 2009 to 2013 something changed and you can get a really good deal!
Besides the nice coast line and very clean beaches, some other must see here are: Citadel of St.-Tropez and St.-Tropez harbor.

A tip : if you have a car, then you can easily stop somewhere in Nice and drive to St-Tropez whenever you want. If Nice is too far, then you should look for a place nearby 😉

We went there on 16th of May and were lucky to catch a bit from the Bravades corps parade. This parade is held only on 16th, 17th and 18th of May. The parade or The Bravades is led by a City Captain, nominated on Easter Monday.

What is happening in Saint-Tropez in the next few weeks?

You can find more information on Saint-Tropez tourism board official site, but I just want to open some parentheses to give you an insight of what to expect. Therefore:

  • 20, 21, 22 December: chocolate and confectionary fair, salle Jean Despas from 10 am to 8 pm
  • Monday 23 December: ice skating show : “Philippe Candeloro Show” at Place des Lices, 5 pm
  • Tuesday 24 December: Father Christmas arrives by sea, quai Suffren at 6 pm, Provencal curfew and midnight mass at parish church, 11.30 pm. – Christmas eve begins with the magic and colorful arrival of Father Christmas on the old port. He will of course have got off his sledge and deer in order to arrive by sea, in the tradition of Saint-Tropez!

You can check the full list of the major events in St-Tropez here and here you can read more about the events that are taking place during December and January.

For more information about Saint-Tropez, you can go to Saint-Tropez tourism board official site

Travel safe and wise!


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