One day like no other in the Netherland’s biggest theme park – Efteling.

Arabian Palace at Efteling
Arabian Palace at Efteling

My boyfriend’s birthday was decided to be spent in a fairytale like atmosphere and to enjoy the day as kids do. To do that we took the train to Tilburg and from there the 304 bus to Efteling.

I was a bit skeptical of what to expect there, but maybe because my expectations were not so great I was very surprised and enjoyed the day at the max.

The entrance looks like a Malaysian style and as soon as you cross this imposing entrance a world of fairytales opens in front of you.

The entrance to Efteling
The entrance to Efteling

I have no idea how Efteling looks in summer, spring or autumn but during winter time, especially now that it’s almost Christmas and New Year’s Eve the lights and the part is absolutely fantastic!

I will recommend you to spend the WHOLE day, because with the dark this park comes alive. If you like it during the day, you’ll love it during the night!!!!

The lights are on, you can buy some warm wine and have a seat by the pyre. You may be surprised to see a live performance 😉

And the cherry on the cake will be the Aquanura – Europe’s biggest fountain spectacle. A MUST SEE!!!  Make sure to be before 17:10 at the lake. And here you have my video from this show 🙂

View from the air
View from the air

What is Efteling?

Is the largest theme park in the Netherlands (covers approximately 650,000m²) and one of the oldest theme parks in the world and since 1978 became one of the most popular theme parks in the world (about 90% are Dutch). Since its opening in 1952, the park has evolved from a nature park with a playground and a Fairy Tale Forest into a full-sized theme park. Efteling now caters to both children and adults with its cultural, romantic and nostalgic themes and its variety of amusement rides. It is twice as large as the original Disneyland park in California and predates it by three years.

If you want to have a nice time there, with or without your family, you can stop at Efteling 4* hotel or at the holiday village, spend some time playing golf and in the evening attend one of the performances at the Efteling theatre.

The land of Fairytales
The land of Fairytales

The park is divided into four themed areas or ‘realms’: Reizenrijk (Travel Realm), Marerijk (Fairy Realm), Ruigrijk (Rough Realm), and Anderrijk (Other Realm).

From November through approximately February, the Winter theme is in place, with evergreen trees and decorative lights placed everywhere. Some of the regular rides are either closed or temporary closed for maintenance during the Winter season.

If you want to see how this theme park, then you may want to open the map of it 😉

Fun houses
Fun houses

How much is the ticket?

Amission tickets for children over 4 years old and adults are 34.50 Euros if bought at the entrance and 32 Euros if bought online.

Senior Citizens (60 and over) and disabled visitors can buy their ticket at the entrance for a reduced price – a discount of 2 Euros.

Those who’re traveling by car to the Efeling, can leave their car in one of the two parking lots just in front of the main entrance. The parking fee is 10 Euros per day.

To note: some of the activities, such as the theatre and golf are not included in the admission ticket, therefore an additional ticket/ fee should be payed.

More information about the offers and types of tickets you can find here.

Adrenaline rush
Adrenaline rush

IMPORTANT: There are some attractions, such as: Joris en de Draak and the Python where kids should be at least 120cm tall, therefore kids shorter than this height will not be allowed to take this kind of rides. It’s scary for an adult, I have no idea what a kid will feel like, but I have seen many families going to these attractions! 🙂

Other’s will not be suitable for people in a wheelchair (disabled visitors) and these attractions are: Villa Volta, Droomvlught, Polka Marina.

How to reach Efteling?

By car from the Netherlands:
From Rotterdam: follow Dordrecht-Breda (A16), exit ‘s-Hertogenbosch (A59), follow Waalwijk/Kaatsheuvel (261), follow signs to Efteling

From Utrecht: follow ‘s-Hertogenbosch (A2), follow Gorinchem-Breda (A27), exit Waalwijk (A59), follow Waalwijk/Kaatsheuvel (N261), follow signs to Efteling.

By train and bus
From Amsterdam/Utrecht/Zwolle: take the train to ‘s-Hertogenbosch. There are bus connections to Efteling from here.

From Den Haag/Rotterdam/Breda/Maastricht: take the train to Tilburg. There are bus connections to Efteling from here. The fastest is the line 304!

For more information about Efteling, click here.

We had a great day and for this I have to say a big THANK YOU to my boyfriend! Now you can surprise your second half or family with a day trip to Efteling 😉

Singers and shows at Efteling
Singers and shows at Efteling

Two tips before I go :

  • Take lunch at the Witte Paard (White Horse) restaurant. The food is nice and the prices are ok.
  • When you enter the theme park walk a bit on the main alley and then go to the left – fairytale forest. When you’re there make sure you enter the houses and see the fairytales. In one of them, I don’t remember exactly which, but it’s after the Indian fairytale and before The Emperor’s NewClothes , you’ll see an amazing, from graphic point of view, story. I couldn’t understand too much, but the effects are nice 😉

Travel safe and wise!


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