What do to in Rotterdam during Christmas? Concerts, shows and some of the free events are listed in this post!

Few days ago I saw some booklets and leaflets with the events in Rotterdam and I decided to put them all together in a post.

If you live in Rotterdam or in its neighborhoods, then this information will be very and very useful 😉

What is happening in Rotterdam in the next few months?

  • In de Doelen will be held a few Christmas concerts and the closest to this day, is the one from 18th of December Kerst op Cyprus graindelavoix (grain of the voice). This concert will be held in the Laurenskerk at 20:30. From the description you can find that this performance is a live and unpolished singing of the Flemish ensemble Graindelavoix. With raspy voices and downright nasal tones , the group brings some medieval songs to sing. In the program for this evening is a Christmas oratorio by Jean Hanelle, a 15th century musician from northern France. His music is interspersed with songs from Greco-Byzantine manuscript  from the rich Sufi tradition of Cyprus. Especially for this concert, which takes place in the cozy Laurenskerk, the graindelavoix will get assistance from Adrian Sîrbu and Hassan Boufous, two singers with an authentic Mediterranean voice.

The ticket prices vary from 9 Euros to 31 Euros. People over 65 years and those with Rotterdam pass will have a discount and will pay only 29 Euros pp. Children and students younger than 26 years old will pay only 9 Euros per ticket!

  •  De winterparade or Winter Parade will be held on 19th of December in Willem Burger Hal, at 19:00 (or 7pm). What to expect here? This event is for everybody and all the family! In the Doelen will be a 120 meter long table where a festive dinner will be served!!! While large trays of food will go around, the wine will flow. You’ll be part of the music, theater and dance program. For younger guests there will be a table with lemonade and goodies. Tickets including dinner are sold at 35 Euros pp.
  • Scheherazade19th,  20th of December – at 20:15 and 22nd of December – at 14:15 you should note on of these days in your agenda and go to this AMAZING CONCERT at Doelen Grote Zaal! The Christmas story tells us that “When Jesus was born magi came from the East.” From where did they came from: India, Persia or Arabia? With exotic music by Rameau and Rimsky-Korsakov this concert conjures up the countries that these magi crossed, their adventures and stories on the way to Bethlehem. Today I have listened a part of this concert and I was mesmerized by the beautiful sound of the violins.

During this concert you’ll listen: Rameau – Les Indes Galantes Suite; Mozart – Violin Concerto no.5 and Rimsky – Korsakov – Scheherazade.

Introduction by Frank Kouwenhowen at 19:15/13:15.

The ticket price varies from 9 Euros to 52 Euros :

for the top category you’ll have to pay 52 Euros 
1st – 47 Euros;
2nd – 37 Euros;
3rd – 21 Euros;
Under 26 and CJP – 9 Euros (all categories!)

  • Christmas show for kids in Doelen:  “The postman and the Angel”. The audience for this show are children older than 6 years old and it will be going from 20th of December until 27th of December (excluding 25th of December). This show will be hosted by Jurriaanse Zaal and the performances start at 13:00 (1pm) and 15:00 (3pm). On 26th of December there’s a special schedule and thus the show will start at 11:00 and 13:00!

Tip: concert tickets are an original gift from Santa Claus! Concert tickets are sold at a price of 16 Euros pp, and for people younger than 26 years old, the price is 12 Euros pp.

  • De schepping van Haydn or The Creation by Haydn, is another event that you can attend during December. On 21st of December you have to go to the Grote Zaal at 19:30. The month of December is for many people a month of reflection. A beautiful to hear Haydn’s masterwork , the creation of which was inspired by the stories from the Bible. The choir from Laurens Collegium (young singers) will play a beautiful role in this impressive concert. Tickets for this concert are split according to the part of the sector you want to be, therefore:

for the top category you’ll have to pay 36 Euros (over 65 yo, people with Rotterdam pass and under 26 will pay 34 Euros, respectively 9 Euros);
1st – 34 Euros; 32 Euros and 9 Euros
2nd – 32 Euros; 30 Euros and 9 Euros
3rd – 30 Euros; 28 Euros and 9 Euros

  • De mooiste fragmenten uit Russische opera’s or The most beautiful excerpts from Russian operas. If you like these types of entertainment, then you should buy a ticket and make some time for 25th of December. The concert will be at 14:30 in Grote Zaal. The Capella Choir of St. Petersburg was founded by the Tsar Ivan III in 1479 and since then is one of the leading choirs in Russia. The regular price is 37.50 Euros pp, if you own a Rotterdam pass, then you’ll pay 35.50 Euros and if you’re a student younger than 26 yo9 Euros!
  • Mr. Clash Andypendence day. This show is on 27th of December in Eduard Flipse Zaal at 20:30. Pop, soul and hip hop are the main genres in this alternative Christmas concert. The evening star is Andy Smart, a Rotterdammer  with American roots. The ticket price is 15 Euros pp.
  • New Year’s Concert at Doelen Grote Zaal – on 3rd of January 2014  – 20:15 and 5th of January 2014 – 14:15. The program includes: Weber – Invitation to the Dance; Glazunov – Concert Waltz; Tchaikovsky – Valse Scherzo; Ravel – La Valse; R.Strauss – Rosenkavalier waltzes; Waldteufel – Love and Spring; J.Strauss – Waltzes and Polkas.

Introduction by Galahan Samson and Wim Ruitenbeek at 19:15/13:15

The ticket price varies from 9 Euros to 41 Euros :
for the top category you’ll have to pay 41 Euros 
1st – 35 Euros;
2nd – 29 Euros;
3rd – 18 Euros;
Under 26 and CJP – 9 Euros (all categories!)

  • Mahler’s Fifth is on 9th and 10th of January 2014 at 20:15. You’ll listen some pieces from Strauss and Mahler.

The Guardian wrote about the Finnish soprano who opens the concert with orchestral songs by Richard Strauss that : “The beauty of Isokoski’s tone to open vistas on to the unearthly”.

Introduction by Emanuel Overbeeke at 19:15
The ticket price varies from 9 Euros to 52 Euros :

for the top category you’ll have to pay 52 Euros 
1st – 47 Euros;
2nd – 37 Euros;
3rd – 21 Euros;
Under 26 and CJP – 9 Euros (all categories!)

  • King of Games is on 12th of January 2014 at 14:15. Is a family show in Dutch! According to King video games are the best thing in the world. But one day he’s had enough: he wants to find out what’s like to be real hero. And then the real adventure begins…

The ticket price varies from 9 Euros to 26 Euros :

for the top category you’ll have to pay 26 Euros
1st – 23 Euros;
2nd – 20 Euros;
3rd – 11 Euros;
Under 26 and CJP – 9 Euros (all categories!)

For more information about events, bookings you can visit Doelen web page.

  • Christmas Gospel Proms. This event is hosted by the New Luxor Theatre (Nieuwe Luxor) on 20th of December at 20:00! In addition to traditional gospel songs, The London Community Gospel Choir will also sing ballads, swing-beat and contemporary R & B songs.
  • The Anuar will be on 21st of December at 20:00 at the Old Luxor (Oude Luxor).
  • The Nutcracker (De Notenkraker) is on 21st and 22nd of December!  You can watch this show at 20:00 and on 22nd at 14:00 at the New Luxor. For those who want to know more about this fairytale, before the show will be an introduction, but to attend it you’ll have to pay 4.5 Euros extra. I have been last Christmas and it was a fantastic show performed by the ballet dancers from Saint -Petersburg
  • Opera Familia is on 22nd of December at the Old Luxor. Opera Familia is known from the show “Holland’s got talent”. This show will be full of classical music hits. The organizers say that it will be touching and cheerful
  • Danny Malando is on 23rd of December at 20:00 at the Old Luxor – Christmas Special Edition!
  • Flash dance (Flashdance) you can see from 25th to 28th of December at New Luxor (check the schedules!). This Christmas show will surprise you with a swirling musical based on the movie, with great hits, a touching story and spectacular choreography. Among others Jim Bakkum, Carry Tefsen and Anouk Maas.
  • Purple Ladies (Purper Ladies) is on 27th of December at the usual time – 20:00. To watch this show you have to go to the Old Luxor. Mylou Frencken, Gerrie van den Klei, Celine Purcell and Anouk van Nes in a hilarious show with a healthy dose of self-mockery.
  • The Guido Weijers show is from 28th until 30th of December, 20:00 at the Old Luxor. After six years of conferences and four of solo shows is the time for V.Vol confrontational humor and intelligent jokes!

For MORE information about the shows and performances, as well as locations and price tickets, go to the Luxor web page.

FREE events in the following months are:

These events are held by the Rotterdam Philarmonic Orchestra at Concert Hall in Doelen.

  • 18th of December at 12:45 – Scheherazade. You’ll listen Violin Concerto no.5 by Mozart.
  • 22nd of December in the Grote Zaal at 20:15 – Het Meisje met de Zwavelstokjes or The little girl with the matchsticks also known as The Little Match Girl and Girl Matchstick. A reservation is recommended.
  • 5th of February at 12:45 – Romeo and Juliet. You’ll listen Romeo and Juliet suite by Prokofiev.
  • 26th of March at 12:45 – James MacMillan and the Planets.

I will keep updating this info in the following days, therefore stay tuned!!!!

Travel safe and wise!


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