Are you lookig for some royal pottery, clean air and a cozy city in Netherlands?

Delft  (4)My friend arrived from Jakarta (Indonesia) about 8am at Schiphol International Airport and after dropping her backpack at my place, we decided that the first day should be dedicated to a nearby city and this is how we went to Delft.
I have been to Delft many times before, but every time I go there I discover new places and I see some details I haven’t previously seen.

What is great about this place, you might ask.

This city has its charm and you can feel it just from the train station. There, at the station you’ll see a big bicycle parking and from there many interesting buildings and streets start their route through the city.
Water channels are clean! Lots of trees are planted along the water canals and this makes a beautiful composition with the rest of the elements: water, buildings; colors, cafes and people.
In the city center, or better said the Grote Markt,  you’ll find the City Hall and the New Church (16th century).
Not far from the main square, there’s the Old Church with the leaning tower which was built in the 13th century.
If your time is limited and you have just few hours for this city, you can take the boat trip and afterwards just walk to the main square. Don’t miss the cheese store and the blue pottery stores that are located on the main square as well.

If you want to know more about the touristic attractions, then go here. But I would say that you just need to walk and try to discover the city on your own. You don’t need a map because there are direction signs and they will guide you from and to the train station 😉

To arrive in Delft you can take the bus or train. If you depart from Amsterdam, Den Haag or Leiden, then take the train that goes to Rotterdam or Vlissigen. Make sure it stops in Delft! If you take an Intercity, then the only stop here is – Delft, if you take a Sprinter then it makes 2 stops in Delft, don’t miss your stop!
If you depart from Rotterdam, then your stop will be the 2nd one, from Rotterdam Centraal.

Another thing to be mentioned here is that your ticket price won’t be more expensive if you choose Intercity over Sprinter, the only difference will be in time. Also, Intercity trains (most of them) have free WI-FI ! 😉

If you’re in Rotterdam and want to take the bus instead, then you should take the bus no. 40 (line 40) from Roterdam Centraal. The Bus schedule can be checked here.

If you have quastions, comments and suggestions GO AHEAD! 🙂

Travel safe and wise!


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