A city where you can do more than shopping! :)

Rotterdam (51)Rotterdam is a city where I use to go often, say 4-5 days per week. I love to walk, observe and see new places or attend different events that I’m interested in.

For those who consider moving or visiting Rotterdam and want to feel a bit of the real spirit of the place, I will suggest to visit the local market 🙂 This market is held only 2 days per week : on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Someone could say that on Sunday as well, but on Sunday people sell leftovers…besides it’s not a market but just few tents here and there. You can see the market right from train, tram or Metro/Subway station.
Try going in the first half of the day and not in the afternoon, to avoid crowds and leftovers!

When in Blaak you can see the cube houses, a nice library and at the end of the square you can find one of the best ice cream shops in the city – De IJssalon, for the exact address, please go here. Most of the time there’s a queue and this is a proof of the good quality of their ice cream…yum yum!

Erasmus bridge or Erasmusbrug is another touristic attraction. When you step out from subway at Blaak you’ll see a red bridge (Willemsbrug), and on the opposite direction a white bridge, well that white bridge is the Erasmusbrug. Walk to there, because it’s not far! Just across the bridge is the Nieuwe Luxor Theater (New Luxor Theater). Here are held many performances, from world class ballet to shows, operas and concerts. Make sure to buy a ticket in advance, because the cheapest tickets are sold out first! If you’re studying at one of the Dutch universities, you might have a discount as well…just check this option before purchasing your ticket!

If going to a theater is not your goal, then maybe the International Film Festival is another option to be considered. Next edition will be held between January 22nd and 2nd of February. Interested?
I have been to some movies during the 41st Edition and have to say that movies are very very good and not screened anywhere else outside these film festivals, therefore take a chance and go there for the movie that seems interesting enough for you.

Between 26th and 29th of September 2013 will be held Camera Japan Festival. During this festival you will be familiarized with the Japanese culture in film, art, food, music and their evolution to the present days. For prices and schedules, please click here.

If you don’t make it to these festivals, but you want to take those unusual pictures that few of your friends have, then come to Rotterdam during the next festivals and events: Liberation Day Festival (5th of May), for active people who want to promote a noble cause ABN AMRO Marathon Rotterdam (14th of April 2014) and Ladiesrun Rotterdam are those events.

If you want to feel the Rio de Janeiro in Europe and have fun all the night long, then Robin Rotterdam Unlimited is just what you need! Don’t miss the Summer Festival which will be held between 10th and 15th of June 2014. 🙂

For those who want to relax and breathe the clean air while feeding the various ducks, geese and swans I would recommend to go to Euromast park (to identify it easier, is the park with a very tall tower).

And if you have you have time for shopping then, you’re in the right place. Rotterdam has shopping streets where you can find from cheap to very expensive items. De Bijenkorf is one of the malls that has the most expensive brand clothes, and they have sales as well…..just keep an eye on their web page for updates 😉 These streets are close to Beurs, therefore take the tram or the metro to Beurs and then step out.
Another place where locals love to do their shopping is a bit outside Rotterdam is Alexandrium. Here you can buy food, furniture, clothes and even something for your beloved pet!

I hope I covered most of the things of your interest and this post will make you visit this city. It’s modern, clean and not smelling like weed! It’s an active business and student city. Come and see it yourself!

One more thing. I wrote few days ago about the events that you can attend during winter holidays and New Year’s Even in Rotterdam. The link to that post you can find here.

Enjoy your winter holidays, plan new ones and …. Travel safe and wise! 😉


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