A city to remember!

Nancy (40)Nancy was our next destination after few short trips in the Netherlands.

To make things simpler, we (3 ppl) decided to drive there, and not take a bus or train.
We stopped in Metz at Cecil Hotel. Not a very good place, in terms of comfort, but its location is perfect.
Based on what I’ve seen and experienced, I would recommend you to stop in Nancy for 2 days!

One important thing : GET A MAP! Then check the places you want to see and start walking. There are buses lines and even a tourist train (which is 6 – 7 euro and runs every 1.5h).
If you decide to walk, then check the places that got your attention and later fold the map and forget it somewhere on the bottom of your bag. Nancy is a very very clean and nice city to walk…you cannot get lost, instead you’ll discover some nice streets that are not popular among tourists or visitors…or maybe you’ll witness an event (such as birthday party, wedding, bachelor party, etc).

Do not forget: when you take the map, ask at the tourist office when and where are held local markets. It’s an opportunity to feel how’s to be local, besides you can buy some fresh fruits or bread at very good prices 😉

After long walks go to the Parc de la Pipiniere to sit on the green grass and rest your feet…or maybe eat your sandwich 😉 Because it was warm and we walked quite a lot, that day, we decided to take off our shoes and walk on the grass bare foot! What a nice feeling!!! On warm days late spring, summer or autumn days, give it a try 😉

My favourite places in Nancy are: Palais Stanislas, Porte de la Caraffe, Fountain of Neptune, Diocese of Nancy and the streets with white buildings! I felt this city very romantic and the feeling of traveling back in time is very real. To note: Nancy is famous for its group of architectural masterpieces inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage ListPlace Stanislas, Place de la Carrière and Place d’Alliance. I won’t tell much, instead I’ll let my pictures talk and let you decide where to go and what to see.

Travel safe and wise!


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