It’s thought to be one of the best kept secrets of Belgium.

Shoes hanging on a street in Ghent
Shoes hanging on a street in Ghent

We reached Ghent (Gent) only in the afternoon and nothing was predicting what expects us next. Clouds like clouds, nothing too be worried about.
We met our new friend, Niels, and Jessica’s old friend and host there. He offered to show us around and take us to some nice places in the city.
I have to say that this is a gem and I mean it! Niels told us that Gent is considered the best kept secret of Belgium, but this is not only secret of Belgium 😉

Ceramic jewelry in Ghent, Belgium
Ceramic jewelry in Ghent, Belgium

If Antwerp is considered the fashion capital of Belgium, Gent is called the capital of JAZZ! Yes, you read it right, JAZZ! You can check the next big events here and some of the jazz bars in Belgium (not only in Ghent).
This city is a student city and a very active one. Every day here something is going on, therefore you won’t get bored.

Aperitivo time in Ghent
Aperitivo time in Ghent

One of the best beers in Europe are brewed in Belgium! In Gent you can try one of the oldest beers brewed here, and for that you’ll be asked to take off one of your shoes! Your shoe will be hanged on the ceiling and when you’re done drinking your beer and paid it, you’ll get your shoe back…fun time! Besides the old beers brands, you’ll have the chance to discover some with funny labels hehe

One thing amused us, and this is the new trend to through your shoes on electric lines (land telephone lines) on a specific road in Gent, not far from an old bar – cafe that has terraces with beautiful views over the city. This bar-café has a rich vertical green garden on the terrace. WORTH A VISIT! This cafe is popular among students, therefore expect prices to be accordingly. I was browsing my pictures to find the name of that cafe and here it is – Vooruit.

At the Vooruit cafe in Ghent
At the Vooruit cafe in Ghent

The next thing to visit in Ghent, besides the main square and the towers is the red district. Yes, they have one as well. hehe When you go there, don’t go alone! Even though we were in 4 I felt a bit insecure with all  those sparkling eyed men that were walking around there looking at the almost naked women in the windows.
Nels told us that the red district once was a luxurious shopping gallery…what a change!
For dinner we went to eat some Surinamese food and was delicious!

Oh, the lights on the streets after the sundown are very nice too, now should be nicer with the winter holidays only at 2 days distance 😉

Talking about winter holidays, I decided to give you a link where you can check what events will be held in Ghent around this time of the year: Visit Ghent.

Surinamese dinner in Ghent
Surinamese dinner in Ghent

Unfortunately after dinner the bad weather showed its beauty and we had drive back home – to the Netherlands through a real storm – thunders, lightning strikes, strong wind and heavy rain.

I’ve taken only a couple of pictures in Gent but if you have a question, please drop a line or two..I will be glad to answer you!

Travel safe and wise!


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