One city that looks nice durig the day and amazing during the night!

 Metz (57)Right after parking our car, dropping our backpacks and resting a bit from the road, we hit the streets again…on foot this time 🙂 

Metz is at about 40 – 50 minutes drive from Nancy (it depends a lot on the traffic!), thus if you travel by car to Nancy take the chance and visit Metz as well, it’s worth the effort!
At that point we had no map, or let’s say we had one only with few things to see, but on it there were no street names…quite useless, I would say. This is why we started to walk the streets guided by our intuition 😀
We started from the Train Station, which is a big and nice building, just across is the Poste – a redbrick building. The size of it is imposing. Then we walked towards the city center.
If you dislike the idea of walking for hours, then you have some options: take buses, rent bikes or take the tourist bus.
On our second day, a quite an interesting thing that we happened to witness was a super long queue at 8am! As we were approaching that line, we started to guess what can it be, why these people line up so quickly and for what?!
It appears that this line was at a public transportation office, maybe to buy tickets or maybe the month ticket..we had no idea, one thing was clear, though, it was linked with transportation.
Not far from there, we stopped to a cafe to have our breakfast. And here another thing to mention, I don’t know about other days, but on Saturday morning not many cafes are open. Most of them open after 9am!
The cafe we stopped offered 3 types of menu for breakfast : simple for 4.5 euro, I don’t remember the second one which was 5.5euro and gourmet for 6.5 euro – which included a crepe, croissant, baguette, butter, jam, fresh cream, mineral water, hot drink you could choose from (tea, coffee, coffee with milk, short coffee and hot chocolate) and fresh orange juice.
A very big breakfast, but worth the money…we were ok till late in the afternoon with all that food 🙂
Worth mentioning is the local market day, which is on Saturday! We walked a bit around there and bought some apricots for only 2,4 euro/kg and Mirabelle ( small yellow prunes – kind of) for only 1.4euro/kg! The same Madeleine we saw later in Luxembourg for 7.5 euro/kg hehe
Therefore, don’t miss the chance to buy fresh fruits, cheese and other local delicious foods at reasonable prices. Note: walk and check the prices, we discovered that not all the food stalls have the same prices! Some in the back were more expensive than the ones at the entrance or in the middle of the market.
In the back of the Cathedral (where this market is located) you can find clothes – new and second hand. If you feel like running out of some of your outfits maybe this is a place to look for something new and not very expensive – some of the clothes are brand clothes and not cheap items!
If you want to try the famous macaroons, try the ones from Paul (bakery), they are delicious and fresh!
Besides, they sell many other types of sweets and breads, maybe you can find something that you like there. The price is reasonable too, for a big macaroon we paid 2.60 euro (if I remember well).
In the same square with the cathedral is the city hall, and if you’re lucky you can see many weddings there! In one day we have seen 3 brides!
Don’t limit your exploration area to the city center only. The rest of the old city is interesting enough to make you want to discover it.
Overall, I liked this place. It has nice cathedrals and churches, interesting buildings, a wide range of restaurants, cafes and shops to choose from. People looked nice and welcoming, but be patient or try to learn some French, because not so many people speak English.

Where we stopped in Metz? 🙂 I have said it in my previous post about Nancy that we chose Citotel Cecil Hotel. The location of this hotel is great, but there are some things I disliked about this place, such as: additional fee for rooms with air conditioning! The breakfast is way overrated, for 6.5 euro in the city you can have a gourmet breakfast and at the hotel they charge for a simple breakfast 8.5 euro! The room was clean and the shower as well. All in all, recommended, only if you want to sleep here, but do not expect too much!

My top 5 must see in Metz are:

  • St. Etienne Cathedrale
  • The main square
  • The river bank
  • The Post Office building and the Train Station building
  • The streets on the daylight and after the twilight

You can read more about the upcoming events in Metz, places to see and maybe you can find some good recommendations on where drop your luggage. On the Official Web Site of Metz you can find information in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Dutch.

Enjoy your winter holidays and….

Travel safe and wise! 🙂


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