Heading somewhere south? Why not to Nice, France?

View from the hill over the Riviera and the Old Town in Nice
View from the hill over the Riviera and the Old Town in Nice

After one great travel to Sicily (Sicilia, Italia) me and my friends decided that it’s time to go again to the beach and why not to France? 🙂
The trip was organized in less than one day!!!! We went there without having an accommodation or knowing details of our trip. We had only a car and a map, that’s it! 😀
We have found our hotel just that night and the staff was very friendly and even allowed us to sleep 5 people in a room of 4, without any extra charge 🙂
The hotel (Hotel du Centre) was at a walk distance from many local fashion stores and not really far from the beach and one of the main squares (Place Massena).

Basilique Notre-Dame
Basilique Notre-Dame

From its balconies we could see the Basilique Notre Dames, Nice , which is built in the “neo-gothic” style like the Abbey-church Saint-Serge in Angers.
Nice is rich with beautiful 18th, 19th century buildings. Among all the touristic attractions and must see places, I would recommend the castle on a hill that faces the old town and the beach. To go to there, you’ll have to walk along the beach towards a hill, you cannot miss it! First, feel the breeze, while walking along the Promenade Des Anglais or Bay of Angels Boulevard.

Promenade des Anglais
Promenade des Anglais

Then, at the end of the beach and boulevard you should see a sign that says Castle. At this point you’ll have two options: to walk up to the hill or take the elevator (which is free of charge!). At the top, there is a train that takes tourists around and a nice waterfall. Don’t miss it!

The waterfall
The waterfall

Now that you’re in the old town, just wander around and see the beautiful streets, ancient churches and the great Opera House. When tired, you can have a drink at the market square Cours Saleya or at any of the cafes, restaurants or pubs that are there for you.
If you’re in Nice for more than one night, then you might want to check the streets in the Old Town, because there’s always something going on there.
For a more relaxed way to travel, just rent a bike or a car and go outside Nice, explore the coastal line, because it’s beautiful….and you’ll have a great chance to take some unique pictures from those places 😉

Keep in mind that in Nice are people who will try to make use of your trust and take your belongings (most of the time your camera or wallet ), therefore DO keep an eye on your stuff!
For example, you want to take picture of you (sole traveler), couple picture or with the whole group, then people who seem like they have nothing to do, will offer you their help, unless they are also tourists and your camera is not very expensive, don’t trust anyone…better 2 pictures than no pictures at all!!!!

More information you can read on Ville de Nice and French Riviera Tourism

Travel safe and wise!


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