Home to one of the most famous International Film Festivals. Yes, this post is about Cannes!

Sunset in Cannes
Sunset in Cannes

After a quite long day in St-Tropez our direction was Cannes! We were happy to experience that glamorous atmosphere and entourage that covers the city for about 2 weeks, during the Film Festival.

I have to say that our looks were not exactly glamorous, we looked more like from a movie about young people going to a summer holiday, than people going to a fancy event 😀

Enjoying Cannes :)
Enjoying Cannes 🙂

We drove in the first parking lot that had available places and somehow, on the way out we ended up in the V.I.P. area!!!!! I don’t know how was possible this thing, also because the whole area was surrounded by a fence and security. Only people with special gadgets could enter freely that place…well, and us 😀
At one of the doors were a lot of journalists and cameras to catch that unique shot for their magazines or maybe news channels….we looked around a bit and then decided to leave the place before someone notices us and starts questioning 🙂

In the VIP area
In the VIP area

Along the Riviera, there were many things going on, such as: sand sculptures, a stage for live outdoor concerts, some famous Bollywood actors were chased by reporters and asked for interviews, people enjoying the good weather, etc etc

Also, visitors had the possibility to check the Film Festival Program on a board just outside of the V.I.P. area. If you want to watch some of the movies, then you’ll need to book in advance your place, otherwise the chance to go and buy tickets on the spot are almost are equal to zero!
Cannes is a very beautiful city and if you decide to go there for a short vacation, take long walks also on the small streets, check the shops and restaurants outside the city center and make sure you have your camera with you. You never know when a Hollywood star can come your way 😉

Unfortunately, I cannot give you too many tips here: maybe just to hire a car, sleep in Nice (because it’s cheaper), and go with the flow with no rush…just enjoy the air, the beauty and the excellence of the places you are visiting 😉

I don’t know about your preferences or style of traveling. I prefer to enjoy the place and be in contact with locals as much as possible. Once I used to sleep in hotels, but since I’ve discovered the fun and the richness of the experience lived in a hostel or a guesthouse I won’t exchange it for any luxurious hotel, at least not when I’m backpacking!

You can read more about this vibrand and luxurious destination on the Office de Tourisme de Cannes.

Travel safe and wise!


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