Weekend in Dusseldorf @ Christmas time.

Sunset and the Rhine
Sunset and the Rhine

It was @Christmas time when we dicided to go to Dusseldorf. It’s not far from Rotterdam and the connection between these two cities is very good. The city is nice and I assume very nice from spring to autumn…in winter is cold and windy…mostly like in Rotterdam.

Is Dusseldorf an important city in Germany?

Düsseldorf is the capital city of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia and centre of the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region. Is an international business and financial centre and renowned for its fashion and trade fairs. Messe Düsseldorf claims to organize nearly one fifth of all world’s premier trade shows.

What would you like about this city? 

The Japanese yummy food. Yes, in Dusseldorf is the biggest Japanese community in Europe and here you’ll find the best ramen! There are plenty of restaurants not far from the train station, just choose the one that inspires you the most 😉

The Xmas market and the local specialties. If you want to visit Dusseldorf Christmas market the you should go there during working days. Avoid at any cost weekends otherwise you holiday will be easily transformed into a nightmare! A sea of crowds and crowds everywhere, you’ll be wondering if this is really happening :). Locals and tourists are on the streets, some are walking slow, some drink beer, some groups are taking pictures so that people will just stop or walk reaaaally slow and in all these mass of people who’re pushing you from behind – to buy something from the market or in a store or even to take pictures of the streets will be something easier said than done.

We walked around the markets (there are 2 Christmas markets in Dusseldorf!) and then went to Rhine and other places such as the tower and Medienhafen and there, SURPRISE! Much much less people and yes, we enjoyed our day in Dusseldorf! 🙂

Xmas Market
Xmas Market

Shops 🙂 YES, Dusseldorf can be a good place for shopping for those who want to find something special. There are plenty of shops with clothes, jewelries and other items that can satisfy any taste and pocket. For those who want to check some luxury goods, Kö and the Peek & Cloppenburg are some of the places to go.
The , which stands for Königsallee (“King’s Avenue”), is a popular shopping destination. Some of the most reputed jeweler shops, designer labels, and galleries have their stores here.

Buildings. If you are passionate about architecture and unusual buildings, Dusseldorf is one of the places to visit. Take your camera and walk towards the Sky tower and the Neuer Zollhof at Medienhafen.

Sunsets are something not to be missed here, especially if you’re on the river Rhine walking side!

Culturally, Düsseldorf is known for its academy of fine arts (Kunstakademie Düsseldorf) and its pioneering influence on electronic/experimental music (Kraftwerk).

Gehry Buildings (the new 'Zollhof')
Gehry Buildings (the new ‘Zollhof’)

For those who’re hunting unique traditions, I have to say that on Altweiber (Old Women Day) is celebrated the beginning of the “female presence in carnival” when washer-women celebrated a “workless day” on the Thursday before carnival. And to celebrate the female presence in carnival, Germans have this funny tradition when women are allowed to kiss every man who passes their way 🙂 Another tradition that, perhaps is respected even today, is that in each city, a woman in black storms the city hall to get the “key” for the city-/town halls from its mayor. In many places “fools” take over city halls or municipal government and “wild” women cut men’s ties wherever they get hold of them.

On the following days, there are parades in the street organized by the local carnival clubs. The highlight of the carnival period however is Rose Monday (Rosenmontag). Although Rose Monday is not an official holiday in the Rhineland, in practice most public life comes to a halt and almost all workplaces are closed. The biggest parades are on Rose Monday, the famous Rosenmontagszug (Rose Monday Parade). During these events, hundreds of thousands of people celebrate in the streets, even if temperatures are low, most of them dressed up in costumes.


For more information about events, accommodation and what to see, go here.

Travel safe and wise!


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