Another way to make my (and your) life interesting!

I’ve started to think about volunteering since 2006, but from many reasons I could not find the time or the  company (or cause) for which I could volunteer.  Many companies have a quite big fee for such programs and I wasn’t ready to pay say 2000 Euros or even more for a month (sometimes a bit longer than a  month, sometimes for a shorter period of time) of volunteering work. That’s why I decided to wait and at the right moment to invest some of my free time into a good thing and I’ve found it – the IFFR!

Starting tomorrow I’m going to volunteer at the IFFR (International Film Festival in Rotterdam) in the Special Event Team 🙂 We have had all the meetings and the Pre (Festival) Party with some great movies and drinks. And now I’m counting the hours left! Yay!!!

I cannot tell too much, but one thing is sure: come to watch the movies, go to the parties and visit the exhibitions @the city.

I will write about other events in the following days, between work and movies 🙂 Today, I will stop and tell you about an unusual exhibition that will surprise (and that’s 100% certain) each and every visitor! The exhibition is called Signals: The State of Europe, this exhibition by theatre maker Thomas Bellinck and KVS travels from Brussels to Rotterdam. The House of European History in Exile looks back from the future to the rise and fall of the deceased European Dream.

Please note:

  • This exhibition is an individual journey. Every five minutes, one person is allowed inside; you might have to wait briefly. A time travel through Europe takes app. 60 minutes.
  • Not accessible for people with restricted mobility.

More information about the event, price and location you can find here.

Travel safe and wise!


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