The IFFR – impressions :)

My badge, my catalog and my lunch
My badge, my catalog and my lunch

What happened at IFFR and WHAT have I done there (beside watching movies :D)?

The International Film Festival Rotterdam isn’t just about movies, it’s about more than that….I can say it’s about art – visual art.

I chose to volunteer in the Special Events Team and I think that it was a very good choice.

We had to work at 4 of the special events in the city : Post-Script, Domo de Europa Historio en Ekzilo, Arminius and the best ->WORM.

If in the first 3 places you could watch vertical movies (Arminius), new art interpretation and display (Post-Script) and a surprisingly new approach to the European Union – its history seen from 2050-2060 backwards; then in the last place WORM we had a lot of fun with live concerts, short movies and parties till late in the night.

At the Post-Script
At the Post-Script

I have met people from many countries, people who were coming to this festival for the nth year in a row and people who were volunteering for the first time in their life – like me 🙂

If you want to be a volunteer at the next edition, then you should save this website and check it later, say, sometime in early October and check if the selection is open. If you’re in, I’m 100% sure you’ll love it!

Why volunteering?

I’ve heard that there are people out there who don’t really know or understand this type of activities. For them working for free is something that cannot be accepted. Well, even though you don’t get cash, you still get many other things, such as: t-shirt, a bag, a movie on a DVD, a badge that will be used to attend parties (not all) and movies (it depends on the type of your badge) for free and you get free lunch sometime dinner as well (it depends a lot on your location). I got Mexican food for dinner, for example 🙂

The big zaal at the Post Script
The big zaal at the Post Script

Next year I’m going to volunteer again, maybe for the same team maybe for something else….I’ll wait and see what other events will make to the final program 🙂

Sometime in April in Rotterdam will be another event and they seem to need volunteers, I think I’m going to do that as well. I’m waiting for the call! 😀

Got some friends and some free time but nothing much to do? Then you should try volunteering! It’s fun, it’s a chance to meet new people and socialize, it’s a good thing to do because your work is needed and you can help an event to happen! 😉

One of the venues
One of the venues

If I can do it while traveling, why not? It’s time to change my style of traveling and make the most of my life.

Travel safe and wise!


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