Italian city of St. Nicholas

The coastline around Bari
The coastline around Bari

I love Italy and every time I go there I feel like going home. Nice people, delicious food and amazing cities, towns, landscapes and sea.

I have mentioned in my previous post about Monopoli that we stopped in a villa that was surrounded by olive trees.

The capital of Puglia region is Bari and that was our initial intention – to stop in Bari 🙂

Lungomare Nazario Sauro
Lungomare Nazario Sauro

Bari is protected by Saint Nicolas and that’s why it has another name – the city of Saint Nicholas. One of the numerous churches here is the Basilica of Saint Nicholas, that you can visit, but make sure to go there before 12pm or after 3pm.

I loved the old town with its narrow streets, sandy – yellowish and white buildings and the Swabian castle. For those who have a special passion for castles, I must say that in Puglia and around Bari there are few more that are open to the public, and they are: Castel del Monte and Castello di Trani.

Castello Svevo di Bari
Castello Svevo di Bari

Those who love the seaside will be pleasantly surprised to discover the walk sides along the coast, especially those at Punta Perotti or the famous beach called Pane e Pomodoro.

For a great view over the old town and old port you have few options: one is to walk/ drive towards Molo San Cataldo, another is Molo San Vito (here you can take a boat to Dubrovnik and Durres) and the terminal for the boats the depart for Greece (Corfu and Igoumenitsa).

The Cathedral
The Cathedral

Other places that are worth mentioning are:

  • teatro Petruzzelli, which is one of the most famous symbols of Bari.It was built between 1898 and 1903, when it was inaugurated. The performance of the “Ugonotti” by Meyerber brought to this theatre the fame and the title of the most important theatre in Italy (together with the Scala in Milan, the San Carlo in Naples and the Massimo in Palermo) and Europe. 
  •  Fiera del Levante, the biggest and most important Trade Fair of the Southern Italy and nother symbol of Bari. 
Basilica San Nicola
Basilica San Nicola

South of Italy is generally known as an area where tourists aren’t safe or they should/ must travel in groups. I think the danger of being pick pocketed, if you don’t pay attention to people around you is there regardless of the destination.

In Bari aren’t recommended night walks, especially in the old town! If you stay in Bari, I’d suggest you to visit it during the day. It’s better safe than sorry 🙂

Lungomare Augusto Imperatore
Lungomare Augusto Imperatore

The food is yum! And there are plenty of locals that serve local food!!! For good quality food at reasonable prices, you must look for trattorias and osterias, as they, as a rule, are cheaper than a restaurant and the quality of the food is the same. Besides, this type of business is family owned business and therefore, you might have the chance to meet the owners and have a little chat.

Houses in the Old Town
Houses in the Old Town

If you want to eat pizza, then you should know that a basic one, which is Margherita costs around 2.5 to 3 euro per a pizza and not per slice. Also, as in many cities in Italy and France,  if you eat on the place you’ll have to pay extra for the service.

South of Italy is worth to be visited and to spend some days, if not your whole holiday 🙂

Me on the red carpet :)
Me on the red carpet 🙂

On my next post I’ll talk about another very very unique place in the world…don’t miss it!

Travel safe and wise!


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