The beautiful symbol of Alberobello

Me in Alberobello
Me in Alberobello

While visiting south Italy, we have made a plan on where to go and what to see. One stop that was a must on our list was Alberobello.

Alberobello is a town – village, cannot call it a city, in Puglia region (Apuglia region) in the South Italy. The capital of Apuglia region is Bari and about this city I spoke in a post earlier, but you can read it here.

A house, a trullo
A house, a trullo

Now, you may be asking what is so special about this village in the Southern Italy. Well, the uniqueness of this place is a village in a town that was built by Arabs around 6 centuries ago. The domo shape of this buildings and their size is known from the Middle East. There these types of buildings were constructed thousands of years ago, and the small size of the houses were believed to help people move from one place to another and in this way to avoid paying taxes.

A narrow street in Alberobello
A narrow street in Alberobello

I don’t know about the Middle East, but I can tell there’s no other place like this in Europe! Therefore, don’t hesitate and take a train from Bari or Lecce when you’re around. You can use Train Italia website or Ferovie del Sud website. If you’re around the train station, then you can buy your tickets directly from the vending machines. In this way you can choose the tariff and the departure/return time you’re the most comfortable with.

Me on a terrace in Alberobello
Me on a terrace in Alberobello

When you’re in Alberobello, you’ll reach a square that literally splits this conglomerate of Trulli in 2 : left and right. It depends on where you look at but one of the sides is crowded with shops that sell local food, souvenirs and crafted goods. There are hotels, restaurants and even a church (at end of the road, or better said on the top of the hill).

Some shops will have terraces from where you can see the roofs of the Trulli, and the entrance to those terraces is FREE! Thus, you can enter a shop and go to the terrace as well. We have done so, without buying something, and was perfectly fine with the staff.

Shops with handcrafted items in Alberobello
Shops with handcrafted items in Alberobello

The other side has the same shaped houses, but no shops! So, if you want to avoid crowds and people asking you to buy something from their shops, you should go there instead.

You can read more about this place on Lonely Planet and UNESCO website.

If you want to find a place to drop your luggage, I’d recommend you look on House Trip, Booking and TripAdvisor. If you’d like to have some more options, please let me know in the comments and I’ll recommend some Italian websites.

The Trullo church in Alberobello
The Trullo church in Alberobello

And because a trip, holiday, vacation…you name it, isn’t a great one without a nice weather, you should check it before going to Italy and some pages from where you can get this information are : BBC Weather and Meteo.

Italy has plenty of beautiful places and I came to think that one life is just enough to see and try everything there!

Don't forget to check the symbols on the houses...and the heart in Alberobello
Don’t forget to check the symbols on the houses…and the heart in Alberobello

Enjoy your holidays abroad and TRAVEL SAFE AND WISE!


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