Day trip – Rostock

University Square Rostock
University Square Rostock

In my last post I was talking about Schwerin, a very romantic place that has a rich history and strong traditions. If you’re looking for a special place to see in Germany, that might be one, from many, to consider.

Today, I will stop to another, not less important, city in Germany – Rostock. This place is very famous around the world for its yearly festival  – Rostock Rockt (17.07 – 21.07.2014!) and for having access to the Baltic sea.

The "Steintor" (Stone Gate)
The “Steintor” (Stone Gate)

If you cannot make it for the music festival, then few dates must be on your calendar, and they are 07.08 – 10.08.2014! During these days, in Rostock, will be held one of the most impressive events of the year – 24th Hanse Sail Rostock! One more thing is worth to be mentioned is that the day before the Hanse Sail, small fast fishing vessels will join a competition at the 6th Haikutter-Race from Denmark to Germany.

Kropeliner Gate in Rostock
Kropeliner Gate in Rostock

Rostock is  home to one of the oldest universities in the world – Rostock University. It was founded in 1419. You can see one of its beautiful buildings in the University square.

Rostock University
Rostock University

In the University Square you’ll find the Tourist Information Office, where you can take a map of the old town and ask for some tips and directions.

My favourite places in Rostock are:

  • Steintor
  • University square
  • Neuer Markt
  • Kröpeliner tor
  • Kerkhofhaus
  • The Old city Hall
  • Harbour quartier
  • Walk on the old town streets

Another moment that a traveler should keep in mind is that on Sunday shops are closed. If you want to buy some souvenirs or go for a proper shopping session, better go there on any other day than Sunday.

Elements of decoration in Rostock
Elements of decoration in Rostock

I cannot recommend you a place to sleep, simply because we stopped in Dalberg and from there we drove around.

Between University square and New Market Square are plenty of restaurants (Asian as well), where you can have a lunch or dinner.

Doors in Rostock
Doors in Rostock

More information about Rostock you can read on Rostock Germany Tourism website and Hansestadt Rostock website.


I will let you discover the rest of the city on your own and hopefully you’ll come back with a comment 🙂

Travel safe and wise!







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