Beautiful Northern Germany

Wismar Market Place
Wismar Market Place

It was our last day in Germany and we decided not to waste too much time driving to another corner of the country, but instead focus on something that was relatively close to Dalberg.

The town of our choice was Wismar. Now, I don’t know if this name sounds familiar to you or if you ever heard of it. To be honest, I knew nothing about this town before.

Wasserkunst - an an elaborate wrought-iron fountain imported from Holland in 1602.
Wasserkunst – an an elaborate wrought-iron fountain imported from Holland in 1602.

If you look at the map, then you’ll see that Wismar is a port town in Northern Germany on the Baltic Sea, in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The closest airport is in Lubeck. You can look for more information about it on its official website here.

For those of you who’re visiting historical sites and especially those interested in UNESCO World Heritage sites and monuments, Wismar is a place to be added to your list. Here, you won’t have one building or two, in Wismar you’ll have to admire the houses and churches in the old town. Part of Wismar’s history can be read on UNESCO official website.

Wismar Town Hall
Wismar Town Hall

One of the curiosities about Wismar is the Market Place, which is one of the largest in northern Germany. It covers 10,000 square meters and it’s surrounded by elegant buildings with styles ranging from 14th-century North German Gothic to 19th-century Romanesque revival to Art Nouveau.

Here, in the Market Place is my favorite construction in the town – the Wasserkunst. Wasserkunst or waterworks is an an elaborate wrought-iron fountain imported from Holland in 1602.

Alter Schwede in Wismar
Alter Schwede in Wismar

When sitting on a bench under the huge tree in the market, you’ll see the Town Hall, a white building in neoclassical style dating from 19th Century.  Another notable building in the square is an ancient Gothic warehouse called Alter Schwede. This Old Swede warehouse was built around 1380.

One of the notorious religious edifices that one may want to visit is: church of St. Mary, with its 80 m high tower. This tower is the only remainder of the original Brick Gothic edifice, built in the first half of the 13th century. The church suffered serious damages during the World War II, and was deliberately destroyed in 1960 under the East German Communist government.

Tower of St. Mary church in Wismar
Tower of St. Mary church in Wismar

Another religious site is St Nicholas church. It was built between 1381 and 1460.

The Fürstenhof, at one time a ducal residence, is richly decorated  in the early Renaissance style. It was built in 1552–1565 and restored in 1877–1879.

Wismar street view
Wismar street view

Take a half-a-day to enjoy this beautiful town. Even though it’s not a big place to see, you won’t get bored or tired because every street you take, you’ll see something new, something different.

For more information about Wismar, please go on this page.

Travel safe and wise!


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