Few lines about “What have I done lately” :)

I’m busy, and that busyness is for some months now and that’s kind of visible on the regularity of my posts.
Even though the latest big news and perhaps the event of the year, for me, is something really unexpected – the meeting with the Prime Minister of my country, Mr. Iurie Leanca!
I know, for some might sound like “whatever”, but I find this opportunity very exciting and I hope not the last one, in fact I’ll meet the Prime Minister twice: on Thursday and on Friday.
All my friends were surprised to find out about this and honestly speaking, me too šŸ™‚ I can’t tell more about what this is about, not because it’s a secret, but because I want to share the experience of the event.

Now, I must go back to my things, but by the end of the week a new post will be live!

Travel safe and wise!


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