Flowers and color explosion at Keukenhof!


Tulips at Keukenhof Tulips at Keukenhof

Today I decided to write about my last year experience at Keukenhof. Some of you might know about this amazing park but there may be some people out there who never heard about this place before. Regardless of what your knowledge about this place is, I want to write about my experience and maybe one tip or two: when to go, how to reach that place on your own and not through an agency and things like that. Remember: every time you call an agency to help you with something, you’ll pay a % as agency fee!!! Sum all those amounts and you’ll get a quite a decent amount spent for something you could spend on something else or just save it 😉

Some of the residents Some of the residents

Now, what is Keukenhof and WHERE it is?

Keukenhof or the “Garden of Europe” and is…

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