Day trips around Cambridge

We have been very lucky with the weather this year, less rain and more sunny spells and this only motivated me and my husband to take some day trips (in weekend only) to somewhere not too far from our home but to places which we will both enjoy. In one of my latest posts, I... Continue Reading →


The second biggest city, an important port, beautiful shore, movie festival, fireworks festival @Busan

After an incredible journey around Jeju-do we landed to Busan. Over the centuries, this city was build around few mountains and that's why, Busan is kind of spread and to go from one place (say temple, fortress or even mountain for hiking, trekking or some other touristic attractions) to another you might need to spend 30 minutes... Continue Reading →

A day @Republic of San Marino

Back in 2008 I was living in Bologna, Italy in a 17th Century Villa – Villa Gandolfi Pallavicini. This was a very beautiful property with a large garden and forest. Early in the morning or at the sunset you could see from your windows hares and pheasants, who were coming to eat some grass or... Continue Reading →

The old capital of Japan!

Sunrise and on the move again. TO KYOTO! Shinkansen is an experience not to be missed 🙂 Few hours journey by train from Tokyo and you're there, in Kyoto. Kyoto Station is AMAZINGLY big! It's Japan's second-largest station building and is one of the country's largest buildings, incorporating a shopping mall, hotel, movie theater, Isetan... Continue Reading →

White white nights in Riga!

Latvia is my first country that I chose to visit first from the 3 Baltic countries known also as Baltic States. The period of our travel coincided with the white nights month and is something one should experience 😉 How it feels, you may ask. Well, it's very confusing! You keep walking and enjoying your... Continue Reading →

A lovely city to be discovered!

Ok, so why is this title like this? What is this place about? Is it worth going out of your journey plan and visit this apparently little known place in Belgium? Too many question! And one the answer is so simple and is BELGIUM! 🙂 As many of Belgian old cities or better said... Continue Reading →

Winter time in Moldova

Winter usually starts in December, but there are years and years. Some years are milder than others that's why it's hard to predict how the winter will be. I remember to have experienced some winters when even in December were positive (above zero) temperatures and some winters where the freezing air was reigning from early... Continue Reading →

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