What’s happening on this side of the world :)

Last 9 or 10 months have been difficult for me, from many reasons. I have had to deal with a loss in my family followed by the loss of my job and many other good stuff and bad stuff in between. I had plenty of time to write, but did not feel motivated. In the... Continue Reading →


An Abbey and a house with something in common

  April and May have been hectic months. Preparation and travels for Easter holidays, then more travels in May and I want to talk only about one of these experiences I have had. England is rich in mansions, estate houses and abbeys open to the public and because we had to decide on the last... Continue Reading →

Many of tourists are coming to Moldova with 2 things in their mind: wine cellars and Transnistria! Well, this is one of the places to GO! GO! GO!

I have read some complaints from tourists that went to Soroca fortress and could not read too many things about it on the place. This is why I decided to look for some information and came across a web page that talks about the historical and cultural importance of the fortress. Soroca and Soroca fortress... Continue Reading →


A country that is most likely to become your favorite holiday destination :)

I was born, grew up and went to high school, made good friends, fell in love and got my first disappointments in this, for most people, unknown country - Republic of Moldova. Due to historical circumstances, Moldova, has lost most of its cultural and historical sites and heritage. Even so, this country in the South-East... Continue Reading →


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