Traditions and superstitions, part of our student life

It's late June and a large number of high school students or university students are taking graduation exams. Most of those students will be aware of some sort of tradition or superstition to follow and respect if they want to graduate. It was only after my graduation when I have found out about a no... Continue Reading →


Exploring another Southern Italian city!

I'm listening random songs on my playlist while writing this's kind of setting up the right mood 🙂 Ok, this post is about another Italian city. A city that has a rich history and architecture, super delicious foods and very welcoming people - Lecce was our next destination. On TripAdvisor or LonelyPlanet you can find plenty of suggestions where to... Continue Reading →

Italian city of St. Nicholas

I love Italy and every time I go there I feel like going home. Nice people, delicious food and amazing cities, towns, landscapes and sea. I have mentioned in my previous post about Monopoli that we stopped in a villa that was surrounded by olive trees. The capital of Puglia region is Bari and that was our... Continue Reading →

All roads lead to…

I have been 3 times to Rome and every time I discover some new places and experience new things that are in a way shaping my impression and idea about WHAT ROME IS. First of all I want to underline a very important thing here: DON'T USE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION! It sounds unusual and maybe somehow... Continue Reading →

A day @Republic of San Marino

Back in 2008 I was living in Bologna, Italy in a 17th Century Villa – Villa Gandolfi Pallavicini. This was a very beautiful property with a large garden and forest. Early in the morning or at the sunset you could see from your windows hares and pheasants, who were coming to eat some grass or... Continue Reading →

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