Traditions and superstitions, part of our student life

It's late June and a large number of high school students or university students are taking graduation exams. Most of those students will be aware of some sort of tradition or superstition to follow and respect if they want to graduate. It was only after my graduation when I have found out about a no... Continue Reading →


Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta!

If in many of my posts I talk about trips that I’ve been in the past, today I’m going to talk about a spectacular event that it’s going to happen between April and May…this means very and very soon! What is this event about? The SCF Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta 2014 is the FIRST... Continue Reading →

Bucharest is close to my soul because there I learnt how's to be an adult, how is to be alone in a foreign country, how's to be surrounded by strangers, how's to enjoy the beauty of the moment, how's to deal with lots of challenges and of course to study, work and from time to... Continue Reading →

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